Electric Bicycle Mechanics Course

We are founders of the IEBA (Irish Electric Bicycle Association)

We have been involved in the electric bicycle industry for over 15 years & have encountered every problem that you are likely to come across over the years.

This day is to pass on some of the tips that we have regarding problems that may typically pop up for an electric bicycle owner.

This course forms part of the 5 day ebike training course. To take this 1 day program you must have a good bicycle mechanical knowledge or have already taken our 4 day bicycle mechanics course. 

Topics will include:

  • Problem shooting
  • Loss of power
  • Battery testing & types
  • Wheel truing & building motors into wheels
  • Industry Tricks & tips
  • How to get the most from an electric bike
  • Good & Bad electric bikes
  • Soldering cells
  • Testing batteries
  • Calculations for battery range
  • And many other topics

Even if you are only considering buying an electric bicycle, this course may save you future problems by buying the right bike in the first place that will last years into the future.

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