Maintenance Courses For Industry

Essential skills for everyone from individual riders and to those managing fleets of bikes at activity providers, this range of courses cover everything from mending punctures to the legal requirements when using, hiring or loaning bikes.

There are several cycle maintenance courses provided by Goeco. Each are one days duration and cover the essential principles at each level.

All courses help you work on your own bike or fleets, with your own tools, with additional equipment available where needed.

We can hold the course on your own site & tailor the content to your needs.


  • Fundamental Maintenance – Gain confidence working on your bike; starting from making sure it is safe, taking wheels out and repairing punctures. This course gets as far as we get because we organise it at your speed, with patient tutors who support your learning throughout.
  • Bikeability Maintenance – Bike set up, repairs and maintenance for National Standard (Bikeability) Instructors
  • Road and Trailside Repairs – The fundamentals of bike maintenance; safety and everything you can do with a multi tool
  • Advanced Repairs – using bike specialist tools at home and work
  • Fleet Maintenance – Maintaining fleets of bikes and equipment; record keeping and liabilities, this course is for those who undertake the maintenance of bike fleets
  • Fleet Management – The development and implementation of workable and best practice protocols, work areas and systems to fulfil legal requirements and ensure users safety
  • Maintenance course suite – A combination of three courses in two days including the Road and Trailside, Advanced and Fleet Maintenance courses to get you and your staff or volunteers completely set up in one go.