This is the combination of both the 2 day prep course (Thursday & Friday) followed by the accreditation 4 day intensive course (Monday – Thursday)

Date for the two day will also be the booking dates for this page as they will start on the same Thursday dates as the 2 day calendar.

If you are a mechanic then you should be qualified with a proven body, repairing a customer’s bicycle without a recognised qualification leaves you wide open to litigation. By booking both the 2 day & 4 Day accredited bicycle mechanics courses you can not only save money but also get the qualification completed in 2 weeks or store the credits from the 2 day course for use on a later date 3902-28 qualification course.

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If you’re a bicycle shop offering repairs then you are wide open to litigation without recognised mechanics. Your bicycle mechanics if qualified should be registered with the IPBMA

Goeco Cycle Training are now providing the City & Guilds accredited training course in bike mechanics on an all year round basis with day time intensive classes. On accreditation of this course you will automatically become a registered member of the Irish Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association. This course is equally suited to people already working in the cycle industry who want an internationally recognised qualification or keen cyclists interested in taking their maintenance or bike building skills to the next level.

All training takes place in our state of the art training centre in Pallas Green Co Limerick. Our training centre is only a few miles from Limerick Junction train station with direct routes from Dublin & Cork, we also have special rates for accommodation at the Ballykisteen hotel & Golf club which is only 10 minutes away. A pick up & drop off service is provided free by our training centre.


Unit 1: Introduction, Health & Safety, Parts of a Bike, Workshop Etiquette, Tyres, Tubes & Puncture Repair
Unit 2: Remove and Replace a Cycle Rim Brake Assembly
Unit 3: Transmission – Remove & Replace a Cycle Gear Assembly
Unit 4: Service Cycle Hubs, cup & cone and sealed cartridge
Unit 5: Servicing Headset Assemblies including frame preparation
Unit 6: Service Bottom Bracket & Cranks including frame prep
Unit 7: Wheel Building
Unit 8: Wheel Building Cont’d
Unit 9: Augment a Cycle & Systematic Cycle Check
Unit 10: Strip and Rebuild, Full change of a cycle frame

This course is intensive & you NEED a firm proven background in bicycle maintenance or have completed our basic step by step courses. You will not benefit from taking this course without previous training or experience & you will not pass the modules in the given time frame for the course.