5 Day Electric Bike C&G Accredited Course

Bicycle Mechanics Training Ireland

5 Day Electric Bike C&G Accredited Course

9:30am – 4:30pm
Total Duration: 35 hours

Accommodation is available at a special corporate rate at Ballykisteen Spa & Golf Club Hotel, only 5 miles away. Simply refer to our course corporate rate offer on request.

Transfers will be accommodated to & from the training centre.


Unit 1: Introduction, Health & Safety, Parts of a Bike, Workshop Etiquette, Tyres, Tubes & Puncture Repair
Unit 2: Remove and Replace a Cycle Rim Brake Assembly
Unit 3: Transmission – Remove & Replace a Cycle Gear Assembly
Unit 4: Service Cycle Hubs, cup & cone and sealed cartridge
Unit 5: Servicing Headset Assemblies including frame preparation
Unit 6: Service Bottom Bracket & Cranks including frame prep
Unit 7: Wheel Building
Unit 8: Wheel Building Cont’d
Unit 9: Augment a Cycle & Systematic Cycle Check
Unit 10: Strip and Rebuild, Full change of a cycle frame

Ebike training: The electric bicycle mechanics day is the 5th day in this program, the first 4 days are professional bicycle mechanics training days as all e-bike mechanics need this specialist training with the added modules in electronics, motor systems, ebike diagnostics & battery technology taught on day 5.

This course is intensive & you NEED a firm proven background in bicycle maintenance or have completed our basic step by step courses. You will not benefit from taking this course without previous training or experience & you will not pass the modules in the given time frame for the course.


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18 Jan 2021 - 03 Dec 2026


5-Day Course
9:30 am - 4:30 pm




Goeco Training Centre Limerick
High Nelly Bike Centre, L5050, Pallasgreen, County Limerick


Martin Mannering
061 388786